Portland are the UK’s recognised experts on all things fuel. Set up in 2009, Portland began as a specialised hedging provider; ten years on, we offer a wide range of services (for more information, refer to our group site), covering every aspect of the downstream fuel sector.

Portland Analytics is our expert consultancy arm, offering a variety of fuel advisory services from one-off spending reviews to the full outsourcing of fuel procurement.

Fuel is often one of the largest overheads in a company’s budget – even for a mid-sized fuel user, small fluctuations in price can have a profound effect on their yearly spend. As a result, controlling and minimising those costs in a simple and effective way is vital.

Our Analytics services are designed to help our clients manage their fuel costs and ensure they pay the lowest possible price for their fuel.

Backed by many years of industry experience, Portland’s team are on hand to provide a range of services, covering all purchase methods (including bulk deliveries, bunker networks and fuel cards), which help companies manage their fuel price and deliver cost savings.

Here’s how we can help: