As experts in fuel supply chain, pricing methodologies, carbon reduction, fuel markets, alternative fuels and legislation, Portland provide an array of technical consultancy offerings covering the entire fuel sector, including procurement strategy, tender services and market reporting.

Further information on each of our advisory services can be found below:

Procurement Review & Strategy

Our procurement reviews involve thorough examination of existing fuel supply agreements and analysis of purchase data over a twelve-month period (covering all grades and procurement methods), to provide insight into the efficiency and competitiveness of your purchase operation. Our findings and strategic recommendations are presented in a bespoke written report, presented back to your business.

Tender Services

We offer a fully managed tender process on behalf of fuel buyers, including the development and issue of Request for Quotation (RFQ) documentation based on the tailored requirements of each client, collating and analysing responses in order to provide a recommendation for the best course of action, discussions/negotiations with suppliers on behalf of the client, and finally a review of contracts and documentation to ensure offers are upheld and implemented effectively.

Carbon Reduction Strategy

For clients looking toward decarbonisation, we will formulate a bespoke approach to carbon reduction tailored to the requirements of your business, by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing carbon emissions. Based on our findings, we will recommend the best course of action in order to establish an ongoing reduction in your emissions, detailed in a written report, with supplementary advice on the best ways to market your carbon neutrality.

Alternative Fuels

We provide expert advisory services to fuel users looking to switch to alternative fuels technologies in order to reduce carbon output and move to a sustainable procurement strategy. We provide information on the various options available to end users and recommend options that best suit your requirements on an individual basis – our expertise covers high blend biofuels, gas-to-liquids technologies (GTL) and hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO).

Pricing Methodologies

Everchanging carbon reduction legislation has seen formula pricing become an increasingly complex issue for fuel buyers, with convoluted calculations containing several pricing elements within supply agreements. Our price checking services guarantee you receive the correct price based on your contracts and we can ensure your formula pricing accurately reflects industry standards.

Market Reports

Our bespoke market reports cover a wide range of topics based on a tailored scope defined with each client. Our projects include detailed explanations of fuel supply chain across any territory or fuel grade (both road and marine), studies into alternative fuels and examinations of various markets (established or potential). Our studies have been used by clients to aid decision-making and to gather background information before entering new sectors.